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The New Mexico Housing Summit offers 50 breakout sessions that are jam-packed with the latest housing news and information. Reference the icons that appear in the legend above and in the descriptions below to determine which sessions are designed especially for you.

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8:30 - 11:25 AM: Preconference Sessions

8:30 - 9:45 a.m.

New Mexico Home Search

9 - 11:15 a.m.

Regional Housing Authority Executive Meeting

10 - 11:15 a.m.

Ventana Board Meeting and Training

New Mexico NAHRO Board Meeting

RANM Caucuses -- Five caucuses held concurrently; by invitation only

11:30 AM - 1 PM: Opening Plenary Lunch

The Economy: Better than 2017

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., Chief Economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC

Back by popular demand, the Bowtie Economist opens the New Mexico Housing Summit with a high-energy, informative presentation that brings a traditionally dry subject – economics – to life. Elliot Eisenberg brings us the latest economic updates and forecasts as well as data on how New Mexico’s economy and housing market compares to nearby states and cities.  

Special guest speaker:  Beth Van Duyne, Regional Administrator, Southwest Region, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

1:45 - 3 PM: Concurrent Breakout Sessions

W1 Unlocking the Mysteries of Strategic Planning   

Monica Abeita, Director of Policy and Planning, MFA   

For many organizations, strategic planning seems burdensome and may not always produce tangible results. Monica Abeita, who leads MFA’s strategic planning process, demonstrates a practical, engaging way to approach strategic planning that works within an organization’s unique culture, needs and goals. Gain a better understanding of how to create a strategic plan that is an asset to your organization. 

W2 Final Duty to Serve:   Underserved Markets Plan          

Kellie Coffey, Product Development Manager - Duty to Serve Initiatives and Rural Housing, Fannie Mae, Single Family Mortgage Business; Kelly Marrocco, Affordable Lending Manager, Freddie Mac

Fulfilling their Duty to Serve obligations in underserved markets, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac report on new programs that are being developed for affordable housing preservation, manufactured housing and rural housing. Kelly Coffey from Fannie Mae explains how her experience in conducting national outreach roundtables across the nation and in New Mexico communities helped shape new lending programs for tribal and rural communities. Kelly Marrocco from Freddie Mac provides a summary of Freddie Mac’s 2018 initiatives, which are designed to assist Native Americans residing on tribal land and other high-need areas. Group participation is encouraged as we discuss the challenges and opportunities of serving underserved markets.

W3 Feeling Good in the Neighborhood: A WELL Pilot Project Case Study      

Hannah Feil Greenhood, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, Fitwel Ambassador, Associate/Architect, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini; Felipe Rael, Executive Director, Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership

Wellness is quickly becoming a major trend in real estate -- and for good reason. Chronic disease now accounts for seven out of every 10 deaths in the U.S. To address the problem, improve the health and well-being of residents and to meet consumer demand for healthy living, housing developers are increasingly turning to the WELL Building Standard. In this session, attendees learn about the WELL Building Standard and the WELL Multifamily Housing Pilot Program by exploring strategies used in the design and operation of Sterling Downtown – an urban affordable housing development in Albuquerque and the first WELL-registered multifamily housing project in the Southwest. Hear perspectives from the property’s owner and design team as they delve into the concepts of human sustainability, occupational and environmental exposures and wellness. 

W4 LIHTC for Non-Developers           

Shawn Colbert, CPM, COS, Director of Housing Development, MFA; Jenn Lopez, President, Project Moxie; Jack MacGillivray, CPM, Vice President, Monarch Properties, Inc.

What you always wanted to know about the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, but were afraid to ask.

W5 Getting an “A” on your MOR  

Amanda Aragon, Assistant Director; Kathy Griego, Angelina Martinez, Janice Shije, Samantha Vigil and Christi Wheelock, Program Analysts, Asset Management, MFA

Contract administrators from MFA discuss the renewed HUD Management and Occupancy Reviews. Find out how to prepare for a MOR and how to avoid common errors. Learn how updates to the Enterprise Income Verification and the Violence Against Women Act have changed the MOR process. 

W6 RANM Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting  

1:30 - 5 PM  

W7 Mortgage Origination: Habitat  

Ted Swisher, Executive Director, Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity

New regulations and requirements are in place for mortgage origination. This session summarizes the issues that are most relevant to Habitat for Humanity affiliates. 

W8 Working With Clients With Brain Injury  

Crystal Cantu, Brain Injury Information Specialist, New Mexico Brain Injury Resource Center; Michael Langford, ABI Division Director, ARCA

Experts shed light on the silent epidemic known as brain injury and explore its impact in our communities as it relates to homelessness. Learn what a brain injury is and how to recognize it, understand how it happens and discover ways to deal with challenging behaviors. We also discuss the types of services that are available in New Mexico.                                                                   

W9 Housing First  

James Walker, Program Director, Center for Self-Sufficiency and Housing Assistance, Catholic Charities

Learn about the challenges and victories experienced by one agency as they implement the Housing First model. James Walker from Catholic Charities talks about what is working and what is still a struggle for the organization.

3:30 - 5 PM: Spotlight Sessions

W10 Effective Teams  

Launi DeYoung, Founder, OrgWorks   

Is your team dysfunctional? Do you have a hard time holding each other accountable and achieving results? In this workshop, which is based on Patrick Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team, participants learn what makes teams dysfunctional and what elements need to be in place to allow them to effectively achieve their goals. 

W11 Better Not Call Saul: APD Crime Prevention 

Erik Meek, Gang Unit Officer, Albuquerque Police Department    

As gangs become an increasing issue in our society, it is important to be able to recognize them and understand what drives them. Officers from the Albuquerque Police Department’s Gang Unit take you through a powerful and dynamic presentation on gang awareness that can help property owners, managers and staff get ahead of a potential gang problem. Attendees learn to recognize signs of gang involvement, potential dangers and gang prevention strategies.

W12 Twists and Turns of the Tax Code:  What it Means for Housing Credit    

Jeff Nishita, Partner, Novogradac & Company; Melissa Chung, Manager, Novogradac and Company

This session explores the unprecedented changes in our nation’s tax laws that have occurred over the last 12 months and what it means for affordable housing. Key staff from Novogradac and Company, the group that served as expert advisor to the affordable housing industry during this extraordinary period, look at changes that were made to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program in the FY 2018 federal budget. We also discuss ongoing advocacy efforts for the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act and review the opportunities that lie ahead for affordable housing and the LIHTC program.

W13 Everyday Safe - All

Gloria Marcott, Rio Rancho Police Officer and Founder, Defense Concepts, LLC

Hosting an open house, walking through an apartment complex with a potential tenant, visiting a construction site or just going from the parking lot to the front door of your office can leave you vulnerable to a physical attack. Join one of the 2016 Housing Summit’s most popular speakers, Gloria Marcott, for an immersive session on how to keep yourself safe in any situation. Marcott also demonstrates tools that can provide an additional layer of safety. Sponsored by Vandyk Mortgage.

W14 Healthy Homes       

Amanda Hatherly, Director, NM Energy$mart Academy, Santa Fe Community College

Home should be a place where people feel safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many do not. Mold, asbestos, bad indoor air quality and other hazards are more common that most people think. This session explores what you can do to make your home -- or the homes you work in -- the safe haven a home should be.

W15 Fundraising with Jean Block       

Jean Block, Owner, Jean Block Consulting

Donations from private sources allow nonprofit agencies to be innovative in how they accomplish their mission. Donations also help them weather the ups and downs of government support. Jean Block, a nationally recognized consultant and trainer on nonprofit management, shares creative and fun ways to improve your fundraising program. Sponsored by Century Bank.

5 - 7 PM:  Opening Reception

8 - 10 AM:   Plenary Breakfast

Steven Michael Quezada, Bernalillo County Commissioner and Breaking Bad Actor

Drug enforcement agent Steven Gomez, aka Steven Michael Quezada, brings us a hilarious look at life in New Mexico from an insider’s perspective. The Emmy award-winning  Breaking Bad star, who also had roles in Wildfire, Crash and In Plain Sight, is a major touring comedian who has appeared on HBO and opened for Saturday Night Live. He also happens to be a Bernalillo County commissioner. Mr. Quezada answers all your questions about acting, New Mexico and, of course, about Walter White.

Special guest speaker:   Stockton Williams, Executive Director, National Council of State Housing Agencies

10:30 - 11:45 AM: Concurrent Breakout Sessions

T1 Executive Coaching  

Launi DeYoung, Founder, OrgWorks   

Did you know that the higher people go up the career ladder the less likely they are to ask for help? In this informative and practical session, we learn to recognize signs that key members of an organization are struggling. Discover techniques to effectively coach them and to help them reach their professional and organizational goals. 

T2 The Latest and Greatest from Washington D.C.: Policy Developments for Lenders    

Joseph Pigg, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, American Bankers Association

For cutting edge legislative and regulatory developments in lending, look no further than this session. The voice of the U.S. banking industry, the American Bankers Association, will discuss Dodd Frank regulatory relief, changes at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the TRID Rule and its impacts on construction lending, as well as evolving policy matters. Bring your questions and issues to this lively and informative policy discussion.

T3 LIHTC for New Mexico Tribal Lands   

Casey Cline, Development Director, Travois; Floyd Tortalita, Executive Director, Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority

From growing populations to overcrowded households, there are many reasons why multifamily housing developments are becoming increasingly desirable. But creating a successful Low Income Housing Tax Credit project can be challenging – especially in rural New Mexico. In this session, representatives from Travois and the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority tell us how they used LIHTC funding to develop a beautiful 30-unit community in Acoma Pueblo. Hear about nation-wide trends that have emerged through successful development in rural tribal areas as well as the importance of culturally-conscience housing designs.

T4 Leveraging Local Contributions for Affordable Housing     

Patty Balderrama, Program Coordinator, Housing Development, MFA; Laura Chavez, Community Liaison, MFA; Alexandra Ladd, Director, Office of Affordable Housing, City of Santa Fe; Ted Swisher, Executive Director, Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity; Zach Thomas, Land Use and Development Director, Santa Fe Housing Trust; Paul Wymer, Land Planning and Entitlements Manager, Pulte Group

Contributions from a local government or a private individual can be a game changer for an affordable housing project. This session presents the success story of the collaboration among Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Housing Trust and Pulte homes. Discover how to leverage and maximize contributions to create affordable housing in your community.

T5 State of the Housing Tax Credit   

Shawn Colbert, CPM, COS, Director of Housing Development, MFA; Tony Daguanno, Vice President of Originations, National Equity Fund; Matt Grosz, Director, Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC; Aaron Krasnow, Investment Manager, RBC Capital Markets; Jeff Nishita, Partner, Novogradac & Company; Dan Wendle, Vice President-Director of Acquisitions West, Raymond James Tax Credit Funds

Industry leaders discuss current trends in the tax credit market. Topics include the pricing and timing of credit investments, investor deal requirements, and the market and regulatory forces that are driving investments.

T6 Stabilizing Communities by Stabilizing Multifamily Housing      

Kathy Griego, Housing Programs Analyst, Asset Management, MFA; Laura Kuehn, Crime Prevention Specialist, Albuquerque Police Department; Janie McGuigan, Principal, Supportive Housing Consulting Associates; Rose Silva-Smith, Vice President of Asset Management, YES Housing, Inc.; Liz Thomson, Liz Thomson Consulting, LLC

For a community to be strong and stable, its multifamily housing properties must be strong and stable. And stable properties don’t happen unless residents are involved. This dynamic session illustrates the power of resident engagement and the benefits of supporting them through community-based resources, services and activities. Experts share strategies for creating cooperative networks and promoting positive community well-being.

T7 Internet Safety: Protecting Yourself and Your Clients Online   

Jack Lindberg, Real Estate and Technology Trainer
Three hours of CE credits 

As a real estate professional, you are entrusted with your clients’ sensitive information and with their money. But do you fully understand the pitfalls that exist online? Join Jack Lindberg as he gives REALTORS® a higher level of understanding of the internet and its inherent dangers. With both a real estate and technology background, Jack has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. This class is approved for three hours of CE credits. Sponsored by the REALTORS® Association of New Mexico.

T8 Increasing Client Income through Employment   

Eric Tengren, PATH Outreach Case Manager,The Life Link; Kellie Tillerson, HopeFound Director, Director of Employment Services; HopeWorks

Helping clients increase their income is an important part of helping them become more independent. Learn how to help people with multiple barriers to employment get back into the workforce. 

T9 Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know     

Shelley Repp, Founder, Spoken For

It is important that both service professionals and the general population understand how vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness are to human trafficking and how severe the consequences can be for them. Learn how to identify those at risk, engage them and connect them to resources.

1 - 2 PM: Concurrent Breakout Sessions

T11 Affordable Housing Act Takes ACTION!   

Monica Abeita, Director of Policy and Planning, MFA; Laura Chavez, Community Liaison, MFA

Join us for an engaging, interactive discussion about the Affordable Housing Act. Meet MFA’s Affordable Housing Act community liaison, explore new Affordable Housing Act resources, materials and support options, and preview new features on MFA’s website. You have a front-row seat as we work together to develop new  tools and resources to support affordable housing initiatives statewide.

T12 Community-Level Housing Assessment: Mobile Data Collection     

Michael Chavez, Executive Director, Zuni Housing Authority; Miriam Diddy, AICAE, Planner/GIS Specialist, Atkin Olshin Schade Architects; Shawn Evans, AIA, Principal, Atkin Olshin Schade Architects; Angel Yatsayte, Housing Data Technician, Zuni Housing Authority

Technological developments have created new ways for tribes and other housing entities to use GIS data and mapping to inventory and assess housing. Atkin Olshin Schade Architects have developed a user-friendly mobile app that uses this technology to assist communities in their preservation and rehabilitation planning efforts. In this session, AOS and staff from the Zuni Housing Authority demonstrate how the app was developed and customized for several New Mexico pueblos and how its powerful data management system is changing the way communities assess their housing needs.

T13 Lifecycle of a Multifamily Project        

Sam Cobb, Mayor, Hobbs, New Mexico; Shawn Colbert, CPM, COS, Director of Housing Development, MFA; Michelle Den Bleyker, Vice President of Real Estate Development, YES Housing, Inc; Brian Gerritz, President and Co-Founder, Pavilion; Johnny Hamilton, Senior Regional Manager, Monarch Properties, Inc.

Take a journey from the conception and birth of a housing development through its twilight extended-use period. We examine what it takes to bring a project to life and how keep it alive for the long term.

T14 Taking the Lead in Communities Without a Local Lead Agency          

Tanya Birks, Assistant Director of Housing Development, MFA; Flynann Janisee, Executive Director, Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation

Dive into the world of developing housing for residents with special housing needs. Take an in-depth look at MFA’s new definition of special needs and what it means for Low Income Housing Tax Credit scoring. See real-world examples of how to provide services without a Local Lead Agency.

T15 Healthy Homes for Tenants         

Ravi Molhotra, President, ICAST; Natalie Pena, Director of Programs, American Lung Association in New Mexico

Market studies consistently show that greener apartments provide higher returns on investments due to low turnover and high occupancy. Industry experts explain what property owners and managers can do to make their units healthier, safer and more energy-efficient for their tenants while increasing their return on investment. Sponsored by PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

T16 MFA's Partners Program   

Jeff Payne, Senior Director of Homeownership, MFA; Kuia Taiaroa, Executive Director, White Sands Habitat for Humanity

Join MFA’s senior director of homeownership, Jeff Payne, as we explore the newly revamped Partners Program. This interactive session covers topics like application reviews and new lending limits and explains how this new and improved program can benefit potential homeowners in your area.

T17 Serving Our Immigrant Population     

Allegra Love, Attorney and Director, Santa Fe Dreamers Project

New Mexico is a state blessed with many immigrants. It is important for service providers to understand what kinds of services will best assist these newcomers as they work to craft new lives for themselves and their families. One of New Mexico's leading immigration attorneys leads us through this unique process and shares how we can help.

T18 Diversion-Assertive Engagement and Evidence-Based Practice    

Lisa Maury, Program Director, Albuquerque Continuum of Care, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness; Michael Nitsch, Project Manager, Balance of State Continuum of Care, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness

This rewarding session explores how to use assertive engagement when working with individuals experiencing homelessness. We also focus on combining assertive engagement with diversion, making the techniques even more effective. Walk through the nine steps of diversion practice and strategies for assessing the need for shelter service.

2:30 - 3:30 PM: Concurrent Breakout Sessions

T19 Using Social Media to Grow Your Business 

Pamela Hett, Owner, The Hett Agency      

You’re all over social media with followers, subscribers and likes galore. People comment on your cute cat and like the cobbler recipe you posted. But do they look to you for their business needs? Do they even know exactly what it is you do? If you’re serious about using social media to grow your business and to represent the absolute best “business you,” discover how Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you secure leads and engage the people who matter to your business. Also, get an in-depth look at LinkedIn and learn how to create the profile of a true professional.

T20 What Housing Providers Should Know about the Violence Against Women Act     

Sarah Coffey, Domestic Violence Attorney, New Mexico Legal Aid; Tom Prettyman, Attorney, New Mexico Legal Aid

What is the relationship between housing and domestic violence? What housing programs and services are covered under The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)? How does the act apply to both male and female survivors?  Learn about recent changes to VAWA and gain a better understanding of how VAWA applies to leases, evictions and emergency transfers. Explore ways to better support owners, managers and tenants while also maintaining records and confidentiality. 

T22 What’s New in Housing Development Funding?       

Patty Balderrama, Program Coordinator, Housing Development, MFA; Tanya Birks, Assistant Director of Housing Development, MFA; Shawn Colbert, CPM, COS, Director of Housing Development, MFA; George Maestas, Program Manager, Housing Development, MFA; Sabrina Su, Program Manager, Housing Development, MFA

Did you know that MFA has funding sources other than Low Income Housing Tax Credits for affordable housing development? It’s true! Come learn about: the National Housing Trust Fund program, which finances the construction or rehabilitation of housing for households earning the higher of 30 percent of Area Median Income or the federal poverty level; HOME Single-Family Development program, which supplies partial or gap financing for the construction or acquisition/ rehabilitation of single-family homes;  and the New Mexico Affordable Housing Tax Credit program, which provides state tax credits to individuals or entities that make donations to qualified housing developments. We also do a quick recap of some of the better-known funding sources.

T23 REAC Protocol   

Patrick Ortiz, Director of Asset Management, MFA

Late last year, HUD released an updated version of their Compilation Bulletin. The new version had a lot of changes, which we review in this session. Get answers to all of your HUD REAC protocol questions. 

T24 Understanding the Manufactured Home Transaction   

Scott Florez, Owner, Title Land Consulting, LLC and Vice President, National Agency Services Manager, Alliant National Title
One hour of CE credit

REALTORS, do you know what questions to ask your seller when listing a manufactured home? Do you know what to look for and where to look? Are there times you should decline to list a property? Lenders, do you know the potential paperwork pitfalls that await you in many manufactured home transactions or what’s involved in deactivating a title? Do you know how to determine whether a unit has been moved more than once? Industry expert Scott Florez answers these questions and more in this session that expands your ability to understand and handle listings and loans that seem overwhelming. This class is approved for one hour of CE credit.

T25 How to Start and Manage a Repair Program   

Troy Cuchiara, Green Initiatives Manager, MFA; Kuia Taiaroa, Executive Director, White Sands Habitat for Humanity

In this session, Habitat affiliates learn about MFA’s HOME rehabilitation program from MFA manager Troy Cucchiara. Affiliates discuss how to best utilize this important program.

T26 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care   

Kelly Gilbreth, LPCC, Clinical Director, Crossroads for Women; Cory Lee, Director of Therapeutic Services, Crossroads for Women

Whether you are new to the principles of trauma-informed care or looking to polish your skills, this insightful session provides strategies to prevent re-traumatization and secondary trauma in people with histories of trauma. Review how to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms, engage the individual and acknowledge the role that trauma has played in their lives. Learn more about this integrated, person-centered approach and strengthen your understanding of the high prevalence of trauma in persons experiencing homelessness in our communities. 

T27 Finding Your Way Home 

Jackie Garrity, Program Manager for Emergency Homeless Assistance Program; Natalie Michelback, Program Manager for HOPWA and Continuum of Care, MFA; Shannon Tilseth, Program Manager for Rental Assistance Program and Linkages Program, MFA

Join MFA’s community development staff for an overview of funding opportunities for homeless shelters and rental assistance programs. Learn the basics of applying for funding, eligible activities, regulatory requirements and program target populations. Help us help your community!

3:45 - 5 PM: Spotlight Sessions

T29 Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for All         

Robyn Powell, Compliance Officer, MFA; Thomas Prettyman, Attorney, New Mexico Legal Aid; Roman Seaburgh, Director of Strategic Initiatives, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness; Kelle Senyé, Executive Director, Apartment Association of New Mexico, Linda P. Simon, Consultant, Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Fair housing is more than a list of dos and don’ts. The mission of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) is to eliminate housing discrimination, provide housing opportunities and create diverse communities. Join experts in the fields of property management and community services as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. Discuss how FHEO applies to you and explore applicability of laws, HUD regulations and best-practices through real-life scenarios and group discussion.          

T30 Developer Meetup     

Shawn Colbert, CPM, COS, Director of Housing Development, MFA; George Maestas, Program Manager, Housing Development, MFA

MFA development staff host this informative roundtable. Share your program administration experiences and explore emerging issues in the areas of allocation, underwriting, funds availability and development.

T31 The Power of Vision: Three Keys to Mastering Dream Building         

Dr. Drew Dooley, Life Mastery Consultant

Did you know that 98 percent of the human population fails to realize their dreams and true potential simply because they don’t know what their dream is or how to achieve it?  Television and media would have you believe that you are not enough and that achieving your dreams is not possible. But that just isn’t true! This session introduces you to the first three steps in achieving the life you would love to be living. In this interactive, fun and life-changing workshop, discover how to blueprint, bridge and build a life that allows you to move toward your highest potential. With a few shifts in thinking, perception and self-talk, you can shift your life’s trajectory and head down the path you’ve always dreamed of. 

3:30 - 5 PM: New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness Breakout Sessions

T34 Engaging Hard-to-Serve Clients   

Abraham Placencio, Outreach Team Lead, St. Martin Hospitality

Understand the principles and function of the street outreach model and its role in the larger system of homeless and housing services. Explore strategies for engaging populations that do not seek out services.

T35 Taking Care of Your Staff   

Hank Hughes, Executive Director, New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness

Staff members are the core of any agency’s work. How do we nurture our investment in our people so that they stick around for the long haul? This round table discussion gives participants a chance to share their best ideas and discuss those presented by others.

5:15 - 7 PM: Meetup at Ponderosa Brewing Company 

6 - 10 PM: REALTORS Association of New Mexico Gala 

8 - 10:15 AM: MFA Awards Breakfast and Closing Plenary

Jimmy Wayne, Music Artist and Author

To say Jimmy Wayne had a difficult childhood is an understatement. When his mother wasn’t in jail, her house was filled with drugs, random stragglers and violence. Often hungry and frequently left to fend for himself, Jimmy was homeless at age 16. Jimmy shares his story of how an elderly couple opened their home to him and gave him the love and stability he needed to thrive. Now an award-winning country music artist and author, Jimmy performs some of his hits including “Paper Angels” and “Do You Believe Me Now,” which earned BMI’s prestigious Million-Air Award for receiving one million radio spins in America.

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: RANM Fall 2018 Legal Update

Ashley Strauss-Martin, REALTORS Association of New Mexico Legal Counsel

This session is approved for two hours of CE credit by NMREC

RANM General Counsel Ashley Strauss-Martin is back with the latest forms changes, news and legal issues affecting real estate. This class is approved for two hours of CE credits. Sponsored by the REALTORS® Association of New Mexico.


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